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Angels, Devils and Vampires: 1
Dawn was approaching and Integra was almost done with her mountain of paperwork. She sighed and rubbed her eyes. Just one more to go and she can finally get some sleep. She had been up all night trying to finish all these damn files and paperwork and she just had one more to go. She picked it up and read it carefully before signing it and placing it on her finished pile. After double checking to see if she had anymore of those papers from hell, she sighed and collapsed into her chair. She glanced at the clock and made a face. Alucard and Seras should be going to bed by now. Ah, forget them, she really needed some sleep.
The hairs on her neck suddenly went up and she perked her ears. For some reason, Integra felt a presence around her… and it wasn’t a good one. Slowly, she slipped her hand under her desk and felt around for the gun strapped to the bottom of it. Damn, it wasn’t there. She gritted her teeth with frustration, remembering that it got damaged a while ago and w
:iconhana-bakemono:Hana-Bakemono 31 38
Alive-Chapter One
Seras never thought of herself as being very religious. She remembered going to church every Sunday with her parents, praying before every meal, before bed, and even going to Sunday school. But when her parents were murdered, she began questioning her beliefs. If God couldn't have protected her parents, then why should she rely on Him? Why should she trust Him? Yes, she would occasionally pray, but no one ever answered her prayers. Once she joined Hellsing, she stopped praying all together. It seemed as if… ever since her parents died, her life has been miserable. She had no one in her life to help her, to give her strength… to love her.
She snapped her eyes open and quickly sat up, breathing hard. What… why was she thinking about religion all of a sudden? Wait… where was she? Oh, in the hospital. HOSPITAL!?! Her eyes widen and she whipped her head around, looking at her surroundings. Yeah, she was in a hospital. There were white walls, gray tiles on the floor, a wo
:iconhana-bakemono:Hana-Bakemono 30 106
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A GoodNight Sleep (Sketch) :iconageofthewarrior:AgeOfTheWarrior 16 2
Almost-Kiss by FugueState Almost-Kiss :iconfuguestate:FugueState 155 30



I leaned down and kissed him. I began kissing him as passionately as I could to make up for the last 2 months I had lost with him. I didn't care if we didn't slow down, hell I’d have sex with him right there and at that moment I didn’t care if I accidentally got pregnant.. I didn’t care if I’d get shunned by my friends and family all over again. All I cared was that he was there again with me, and I didn't want to see him leave again. So as I kissed him I vowed to myself I’d do everything I could to keep him, even if it meant suppressing my emotions and just getting myself under control. That I couldn’t let myself scare him away again. I pulled away when I realized his stubble felt rough, and then saw that he no longer had his goatee. But he still looked so god damn handsome. I ran my fingers over his chin softly, feeling his stubble and teased him “you shaved” with a playful pout on my lips. “I just looked so old with it” he responded. I looked at the wrinkles framing his bright eyes and smiled. I sighed and said “you don’t Joshua. I don’t care if you have your white beard or not, no matter what, you are the most handsome man I’ve ever seen and  I love you.”

Nothing anyone said could stop me, no matter how many times he broke me, I loved him. I told myself what I had to do to make it work this time. I told myself that I wouldn't drive him away. And as I ran my finger gently over the bridge of his nose I suddenly had a feeling that something was wrong. My smile slowly faded and I whispered "This is a dream isn't it?"

A hurt look came across his face and he softly said,“No, no it's not Alii”. I got off him and I muttered "I can't just do this for one night". In my mind it was all too real, I didn't actually believe it was a dream but I wanted his reassurance.  Instead, he got up and walked away and I watched through the window as he walked down the street. I hoped with every part of me that he'd come back...The window became the window of a bus and it began moving away as i watched him walk towards a parking garage. I still didn't believe it was a dream, I told myself he was going to the garage to get his car, and that he would come back for me. That he’d chase after me to the ends of the earth. But that rejection also caused me to feel numb. I told myself: if he didn’t want me, then I wasn’t worth it to him. And that I would never chase after HIM.

I woke up, feeling the warmth of a single tear rolling down my cheek.
Pip X Seras Kiss
I think I cried more in this scene than I have watching any other anime... pathetic I know hahah but i REALLY REALLY love Pip!! 
Pip Bernadotte
I JUST watched Hellsing Ultimate these past few weeks (I know I'm always late to everything) and of course I fell in love with Mr. Bernadotte.... 
Royce Melborn
My image of Royce when he was chained up in the dungeon after being accused for King Amraths death :>   <3
This is what it means to me…

'Distorted Colors'
By: Imaginary Me

I see you like to hide behind what you call “innocence”

And now they’ll see

The world’s crashing down me

You’ve cratered

Let them all see

Colors that you’ve show me

I’m calling… you out

Come with me

I’ll show you your fate

Follow me

Do you have what it takes?

Bearing nonsense

Is this worth the consequence?

Bearing nonsense

Tell me why we’re so different

Understanding in this moment

What it is you mean to me

I can't see the brightness in you

Everything's so black and grey

What it is I saw inside you?

Will you ever see the same?

Broken down by your decision

You’re the one that dug that grave

This is what it means to me

This is what it means to me

Why am I… the one...Who’s fighting for reasons that you never cared for?

Fighting for reasons that you never cared for (cared for)

You will all see

You will all se

And now they’ll know

You will never own me

I’ll show you

Now they all see

The colors that you’ve shown me

I’m calling… you out

I can never be the one

You abandoned me

What does it take to make you feel?

One day you’ll see

One day you’ll see I’m not so desperate


Why am I… the one who’s fighting for reasons that you never cared for?

Fighting for reasons that you never cared for

Fighting for reasons that you never cared for

Fighting for reasons you never cared for… or understood for that matter
I usually don't upload here a lot because I never feel like my work is good enough but I swear i'm sketching every day! If you ever want to see anything I'm currently working on, follow me on Snapchat: xaliikattx I post something almost every day, and you can see the process of most of my works. Plus sometimes there's cute pet pictures of stupid things my dog or cat are doing x) See you guys there!
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I love to draw ALL the freaking time, my sketchbook is like my brain, can't live or function with out it. Don't go to school for art, and I don't necessarily plan to start a career with it but I do commissions for friends. My art is all over the place but it's pretty fan-art based, or else it's just people in my life. Lots of OC Stuff. I like men! :>

I don't upload here a lot because I never feel like my work is good enough but I swear i'm sketching almost every day! If you ever want to see anything I'm currently working on, follow me on snapchat: xaliikattx
Follow me on Instagram for other drawings posted: xaliikattx
Find me on Simbi if you want commissions:…



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